Dear Valued Customer:

Congratulations! As always, we thank you for your business.

We have finally negotiated for your benefit a new program in a way that has never been seen in Mexico before!

The insurer is AIG, under a new Program, MxPatriate Auto Plus by MexiPass, the most experienced U.S. Surplus Lines Insurance Broker, which provides you with the following improvements to the previous program:

  1. First of all, it is Mexico Insurance.... The American Way
  2. It's an All Risk Policy versus the limited "Named Peril" Standard Mexican Tourist Auto policy form we've been able to place before (there was no other option)
  3. It reads and works just as a normal U.S. Auto policy.
  4. Partial Theft is included for factory installed equipment. No other program cover partial theft.
  5. Vandalism is included. No other program covers Vandalism.
  6. You have the option to repair the vehicle in the United States (with allowance of US$ 50 per hour on labor and US$ 500 towing assistance)
  7. The policy includes Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury (US$ 30,000) and Property Damage (Your Deductible) - remember that 86% of autos in Mexico are not insured. This is a unique concept in Mexico Insurance.
  8. It includes Immediate Response and Travel Coverages for events inside and outside the auto! that no other program has:
    • Accidental Death: US$ 5,000 per event, US$ 1,000 per person
    • Repatriation of remains: US$ 5,000
    • Medical Expenses for Illness: US$ 2,500 per event, US$ 500 per person
    • Hospital room for Emergencies: US$ 1,000 per event, US$ 100 per person
    • Medical Evacuation: US$ 2,500 per event
    • Road Assistance: US$ 400 per event, US$ 200 per person
    • Car Rental for Emergencies: US$ 50 per day, two days
    • Hotel room for Emergencies: US$ 50 per day, two days
    • Transportation towards destination: One way, once
    • Policy expiration extension: Three days
  9. The Legal Assistance service is Prepaid and by following the American wording it provides much broader coverage, such as Lawsuit expenses, Interest on damages, and it is above and beyond the limit, unlike previous limited programs that pay by reimbursement, forcing you to search, hire and pay your own attorney and all the additional legal expenses then get mexican legally valid documentation (something that most Expatriates are not familiar with) and then maybe get partially reimbursed in the U.S. months after the occurrence.
  10. You now have Automatic Coverage for a Replacement or any New vehicles, being brought into Mexico, under the same owner for thirty (30) days. Report them when you arrive in Mexico !

Have a pleasant stay in Mexico!

Best Regards,

Jaime González

Mexican Insurance.... The American Way!



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